Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Desolation Wilderness (2011)

Desolation Wilderness

Written & Directed by Robby Massy & Derek Mungor

Russell...Derek Mungor
Noah....Robby Massy

Two artsy college drop-outs decide to shun society and head to a desolate country home, where they plan to record an album. It's not long before the tranquility turns to boredom and the serenity turns to surreality. The wilderness around them begins to close in and they begin acting erratically, lashing out at each other in increasingly bizarre ways.

First they enter the woods. Then they enter madness.

The key word among all this is SURREAL. The movie brings up a lot of questions but provides very little answers, and to be honest, it often makes very little sense. But that's okay, and in fact is part of the appeal. It's a full sensory experience, like a televised art installation.

Shot in gorgeous black and white with endlessly creative camera angles, hitting pause at almost any moment would result in a picture suitable for framing, whether it be a portrait or a still life. The score is comprised partly of beautiful indie rock and partly of aural soundscapes (I honestly want to purchase the soundtrack), fitting each scene perfectly.

The acting was a little rough at times, and the dialogue was frequently improvised--and it shows. It doesn't come off as real, it comes off as an actor trying too hard to come off as real, which portrays itself as unnatural.

I'm not going to lie and say this movie is for everyone. Like art and poetry, it's for a very select audience, and there are legions of people that will argue over its meaning and its merit. But if you like low-key horror, mixed with high-brow art, you might want to give this film a shot. Love it or hate it, you'll probably end up talking about it.

Visit the official website by clicking HERE.

Not Rated
84 Minutes
Black & White
United States


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