Sunday, February 5, 2012

Women in Horror: Sidney Prescott

Woodsboro High School student Sidney Prescott retreated into herself following the rape and murder of her mother, finding comfort only in the presence of her friends and family.  A year after this initial tragedy, another struck when those around her began being killed off by Ghostface, a masked madman seemingly inspired by the slasher subgenre of horror films.

Sidney was one of the few survivors of the Woodsboro Massacre, and following that, she became the primary target when Ghostface returned time and time again, no matter how many times he was killed.  Having grown stronger over the years, Sidney became more of a warrior woman with each new murder spree, bound and determined to live to see another day, and bring as many of her friends along as possible.

Sidney may have been notoriously difficult to get close to, but who can blame her?  Although many theorize that her distance is caused by the fact that her loved ones tend to be murdered, it's equally possible that it is caused by the fact that her loved ones tend to be the ones doing the murdering--boyfriend, friend, cousin, etc.  No wonder she has trust issues.

She is one of the only heroines in memory that has performed an impossible feat: not only has she survived each of these killing sprees, but she also has returned for each installment in the series.  It's because of your bravery and longevity, Sidney Prescott, that we salute you during 2012's Women in Horror month.



  1. I know you could, J-Dos! That's why I'm officially throwing your name in the hat to don the mask in Part 5. Just imagine: Ghostface in a Hawaiian shirt! The poster practically draws itself!



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