Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women in Horror: Riley Lawson

Riley Lawson was your average modern teenager--bright, beautiful, occasionally smart-mouthed.  The kind of girl that so many of us dreamed about in high school.  Unfortunately for her, she also proved to be the kind of girl that a rather demented pizza boy named Otis dreamed about as well.

Otis abducted Riley on her way to the school bus, and when she came to, she was chained up in a basement, dressed in a cheerleader's uniform.  Forced to act out his sick fantasies, Riley played along just enough to ensure her survival, and when the time came, she turned the tables on her captor and escaped.

Disgusted by the FBI's inability to find Riley's kidnapper, the rest of the Lawson family took the law into their own hands--which didn't go exactly as planned.

She's the girl that everybody loves, so much so that they're willing to kidnap to be next to her, and kill to protect her.  It's because of your sheer loveableness and audacity of spirit that we salute you, Riley Lawson, during 2012's Women in Horror month.


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