Friday, February 3, 2012

Women in Horror: Regan MacNeil

Regan MacNeil was never exactly an average child. Raised in a life of luxury by her movie star mother, she was never wanting for anything. But she crossed over from being non-average to being abnormal upon playing Ouija with her "imaginary" friend Captain Howdy.

What was initially believed to be a nervous disorder turned out to be a full-blown case of demonic possession as the old trickster Pazuzu took control of Regan's body, requiring the professional assistance of a young priest and an old priest to rid her of the devilish pest.

She survived bouts of incontinence, nausea, Tourettes, uncontrollable hormones, terrible acne, a deepening voice, and homicidal rage--kind of an accelerated and magnified puberty--while possessed by the demon, and in the end, she still came out in one piece.

Because of your endurance and fortitude, we salute you, Regan Teresa MacNeil, for 2012's Women in Horror month!


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