Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Horror (2002)


Written & Directed by Dante Tomaselli

Luck...Danny Lopes
Reverend Salo...Kreskin
Reverend Salo, Jr...Vincent Lamberti
Grace...Lizzy Mahon

A group of teens, so desperate to continue their High Life that they're willing to commit murder, escape from the hospital they were confined to and head to a secluded country home where an acquaintance--Father Salo, Jr.--lives. Partaking in a grab bag of mind-altering substances supplied by the preacher, things begin to go sour even before they arrive.

Tripping balls and seeing demons, the crazed leader of the pack murders the preacher and his wife immediately upon arrival, right in front of their fragile daughter Grace. And then strange things begin to happen.

Or something like that.

Horror is a drugged up, art house attempt at a horror flick that falls flat for me every step of the way. The drug sequences are unconvincing, the symbolism is forced and unclear, and the scares are minimal. There is some great imagery on display, but it takes more than a pretty picture to gain my appreciation.  And the goat was the best actor in the cast.

The Amazing Kreskin appearing as Grace's grandfather is a novel attempt at stunt casting, but the display of his real life "mentalism" abilities is pointless and distracting, having nothing to do with the rest of the film. Or maybe it did, I don't know. I really couldn't follow this rambling mess of a movie.

I know that plenty of my esteemed fellow bloggers sing the praises of Horror, but for me this one falls into the category of films that tries way too hard to be a dark art piece, right next to the even worse Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.  For better examples of this peculiar subgenre watch Actress Apocalypse, Fever Night, or anything by Jodorowsky.

Rated R
90 Minutes
United States



  1. agree with you, "Horror" sucks. Some cool visuals, some nice ideas, but overall boring and lame. Fail!

  2. This movie...this movie is...well, weird.

    Random cheap plug: http://mondobizarrocinema.blogspot.com/2010/10/blockbuster-trash-horror-2002.html

    I don't get the point of this movie. Is it just to be weird? I mean, what other reason is there? Is there a message?

  3. I've seen this film quite a few times, it's grown on me over the years. It's a film made to unsettle, it's main point in my opinion is to evoke a sense of dread, nightmarish hallucinations...and ultimately to criticize misleading religious leaders.

    I compare it to a film Lynch in that it tries to make you feel something instead of explaining everything. It's main purpose is to freak you the hell out which I think it achieves well at times.

    I've grown fond of some of the imagery and the weird vibe it evokes, it's not a perfect film, but I think director Dante Tomaselli achieved a lot with a minuscule budget.

  4. Maynard: Glad I'm not the only one who thought this sucked. I remember it getting a lot of buzz briefly, and thought I would be drummed out of the union!

    TimTE01: Yes, definitely weird. And no, I don't think there was much point beyond that. Just a mishmash of things that the filmmakers thought were scary or unsettling.

    FC: I appreciate your opinion, but I can't say that it evoked dread in me, or much of anything other than boredom. I'm all for leaving films up to interpretation, but it seemed like they were just throwing stuff at a wall and calling it art. Or course, I'm not much of a fan of Lynch half the time either, as I find him oftentimes being weird just for the sake of being weird. Or, if you rather, being "Lynchian" just because that's what's expected of him.

    Thanks for stopping by, everybody!



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