Sunday, February 26, 2012

From The Dead Letter Office

Heya, Hipsters!

I'm starting a new, not-so-exciting feature here at Midnite Media called FROM THE DEAD LETTER OFFICE, where I can keep my readers updated on what's going on, express some musings that don't necessitate an entire post of their own, etc. It will be my equivalent of Stan Lee's Bullpen Bulletins. This new feature will begin....


Just a few minor updates on the state of this blog: I started out the new year with a bang, posting almost every day during the month of January, then fell off quite a bit in February. March is just a few days away, and I fully intend on getting things back on track.

As seen in yesterday's post, I received a screener of classic cheesefest ZAAT from the fine folks at Film Chest, so you can expect a review of that very shortly.

Also, esteemed blogger and author William Malmborg had apparently mentioned my name among his online circle of writers, and as such I have recently received a number of e-books to read, so a big thank you to him. They're all sitting on my "review queue" in the order in which they were received, and will be covered as real life permits.

I've decided to do away with my half of Netflix DVDs--my wife will keep hers--and resubscribe to streaming, at least temporarily. I can watch movies much more quickly that way, and much more often, so expect my number of reviews to increase dramatically soon.

And finally, in the very near future, I will be doing a William Shatner blogathon (Trek, TJ, and Boston not included). So keep your eyes peeled and prepare to get Shat on.



  1. what about spatter.... is it dust in the wind, i could... well we could make a dead letter banner? no worries on the amount of post, just when you have time... we come back like a good zombie. awesome on the screeners... i find myself behind on so many things, i should send them to you.

  2. Sir Zombie: Good to hear from you! Spatter Analysis is on, shall we say, indefinite hiatus. I would like to get back to it someday...

    A dead letter banner would be awesome, should you find the time.

    I'm living hand-to-mouth on barely-above-minimum wages, so I never turn down free goods. ;-)


  3. cool... i am out of work and no support from unemployment... any more. so i hear you, it's like a scream. send me some ideas on your dead letter thoughts.


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