Friday, January 27, 2012

Tales From The Cryptkeeper S1 Ep.12: This Wraps It Up (1993)

Tales From The Cryptkeeper
Season 1, Episode 12
This Wraps It Up

The Cryptkeeper, in full-on archaeologist mode, introduces today's tale called This Wraps It Up.

A school teacher somehow gets permission to take her students on a field trip to Egypt to see the great pyramid, but their bus breaks down in front of an archeological expedition. Even more unlikely, the students are allowed to accompany the scientists as they explore a tomb that has just been uncovered.

They literally stumble upon the burial chamber of Ikama Kama, awakening a mystical connection between that Egyptian princess and one of the female students.

Part Indiana Jones, part Mummy, and mostly uninteresting. It's all atmosphere and theory for the majority of the episode, a genuine "monster" not appearing until the finale.

All in all, pretty disappointing.



  1. So this isn't like "Mummies Alive!" where the mummies are all superheroes? What the fuck were they thinking with THAT show??

    I'm not really sure I could get into this whole TFtCK cartoon. I love the real show, this seems just a little too watered down for me, J-bro.

  2. J2: Yeah, it is pretty watered down, and I'll admit that nostalgia surely colors my perceptions a little bit. But at the same time, it's nice to pop in a little "light viewing" while I'm having my coffee in the morning.



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