Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tales From The Cryptkeeper S1 Ep.11: Gorilla's Paw (1993)

Tales From The Cryptkeeper
Season 1, Episode 11
Gorilla's Paw

The Cryptkeeper is on safari, in search of the mystical Gorilla's Paw which, much like the more famous Monkey's Paw, grants wishes. To help pass the time, he regales us with today's tale.

Poor picked-on and put-upon Louis wants nothing more than to be a member of the cool kids club--they have a themesong and everything! In order to impress them, he steals an antique gorilla's paw from a curio shop, which is said to grant wishes.

All his wishes DO come true, including his entry to the club, but he of course learns that there are consequences for every action.

It's a mediocre episode with a lengthy, ridiculous scene involving a horror-themed American Gladiator-type game show. I suppose it's supposed to teach us a thing or two about friendship, but all I learned was not to piss off a gorilla. And I kinda knew that already.


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