Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tales From The Cryptkeeper S1 Ep.05: A Little Body Of Work (1993)

Tales From The Cryptkeeper
Season 1, Episode 05
A Little Body Of Work

The Cryptkeeper is dressed in overalls and a baseball cap, working on his Dragula-type roadster, as he introduces today's episode A Little Body Of Work.

All-American high school student Kevin has been spending a lot of time and effort fixing up his classic automobile, despite the heckling of greaser throwback Eddie and his less-than-intelligent monkey boy Herman. When the rebuild is complete, Kevin allows himself to be suckered into a race against his antagonists, whose own vehicle is assembled from stolen parts.

Never ones to play fair, Eddie and Herman do a little tampering with Kevin's car. And she does a little tampering right back...

The concept will seem immediately familiar to anyone who has read a certain Stephen King novel or seen the movie it inspired. In fact, certain moments seem torn straight from the script.

So what if it's not terribly original. It's still a fun little episode that tweaks my nostalgia on two levels--watching this when it first aired on TV and watching the movie it was inspired by on cable when I was still a burgeoning horror fanatic.

Maybe this is what the show should have been: kid-friendly reimaginings of actual horror films. Makes you wonder how they would have done the Human Centipede, doesn't it?


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