Monday, January 9, 2012

Tales From The Cryptkeeper S1 Ep.03: Pleasant Screams (1993)

Tales From The Cryptkeeper
Season 1, Episode 03
Pleasant Screams

The Cryptkeeper, wearing his raggedy-ass night clothes and in search of a midnight snack, introduces today's "dreadtime story" entitled Pleasant Screams.

Middle-aged Felix Purty and young Jenny Lawson wake up in a graveyard with only the vaguest recollection of each other and no idea how they got there. As zombies rise from their graves and attack them, they are dragged through a gate underground and wake up once Tokyo, where they're attacked by a two-headed Toho-like monster.

It continues much in this same vein for the rest of the episode, introducing gargoyles, gelatinous blobs, golems and a number of other horror movie archetypes. It's very repetitious, with our dynamic duo awaking in a strange location, plagued by some new menace, and stalked by a strange faceless man--which is, admittedly, a rather creepy image.

It operates solely on bizarre dream-logic that would have irritated me as a child, and still irritates me today. I seldom enjoy plots that are strange for the sake of being strange, or movies/TV episodes that are comprised exclusively of dream or fantasy sequences.

Kudos to the creators for utilizing the golem, though, an archetype that most children wouldn't even be familiar with.


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