Monday, January 23, 2012

Midnight Son (2011)

Midnight Son

Written & Directed by Scott Leberecht

Jacob...Zak Kilberg
Mary...Maya Parish

Jacob is a security guard working the overnight shift. It's not a choice but a necessity, as he suffers from a disorder that causes him to be allergic to sunlight. Weak and pale for most of his life, the doctor diagnoses him as anemic, as well. But somehow I think there's more to it than that.

After eating a steak proves to be less-than-satisfying, he finds himself drinking the blood from its packaging, awakening a hunger he didn't know he had. In short order, he's looking healthier and happier, strolling through the streets with a Starbucks cup filled with bovine blood.

But soon, animal blood is not enough.

The movie revolves around Jacob trying to balance his professional life, his romantic life (with a hot coke-addled goth girl he meets at a club), and his new "night life", all while trying to maintain some level of morality.

It's deliberately paced and character-driven, with only occasional bouts of action, but never did I find it dull or uninteresting. It successfully gives us entrance into the inner workings of a reluctant vampire's mind, pulling it off with honesty, intelligence, and even beauty.

Subtle strokes of genius--like the fact that Jacob paints pictures of the sunrise and the sunset, which he has never seen--are abundant and give Midnight Son an authenticity that is missing from much horror today. It's hard for me not to recommend this to genre fans, even those suffering from vampire burnout.

Would make a great double feature with Lucky McKee's May.

100 Minutes
United States


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  1. Hey, this is Matt, one of the producer's of the film. So glad you liked it! Thanks for posting the review!


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