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Eerie #17, August 1954 (Avon Comics)

Eerie #17
August/September 1954
Avon Comics

The Case Of The Painted Beast: a police officer recounts a strange case about an artist whose monstrous painting comes to life and seeks revenge against those who deemed it unworthy of public display. Nothing new, and pretty predictable, but I'm a sucker for any story that switches out mad science with mad art. I guess it's the beatnik in me.

Was He Dead?: In a tale worthy of (and not just derivative of) Tales From The Crypt, a professional singer murders the husband of his showgirl lover so that the two of them can be together; but once the deed is done, he sees the dead man everywhere. This story must have been considered pretty racy at the time, with violent bludgeonings, plenty of blood, and girls in their unmentionables. Daddy like.

The Monster Of The Storm: this variation on The Hitchhiker urban legend involves a man who suddenly snaps one day and goes on a killing spree. The cops give chase, but the murderer is struck dead by a freak bolt of lightning. Thereafter, he returns as a green-skinned wraith every time it storms to continue his killing spree. Predictable, but unusual in the fact that evil prevails in the end.

Kill A Witch (text story): a boxcar hobo lives in fear of non-poisonous king snakes because he once saw one (actually a reincarnated witch) swallow a man whole. Better than you would think.

The Mirror of Isis: a cursed mirror, an ancient bloodline, and a big fat coincidence team up to form this mediocre story about possession and murder. The resolution is so obvious that you won't believe the protagonists didn't think of it earlier.

Eerie #17 can be accessed free and legally at the Digital Comic Museum by clicking HERE.


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