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Eerie #15, April 1954 (Avon Comics)

Eerie #15
April/May 1954
Avon Comics

The Werewolf of Warsham Manor: an unscrupulous man inherits a fortune and a vast estate when his uncle passes away. Unfortunately, he inherits a werewolf too. Decent enough, but it would have been better if seen through the eyes of the werewolf himself.

King of the Living Dead: a subterranean necromancer commands an army of zombies in Budapest until a tenacious American man sets him straight. Again, it's a decent enough tale, but the really interesting story (the backstory of the titular king of the living dead) is the one that isn't being told. You gotta love a zombie that can throw a haymaker, though.

The Subway Horror: a browbeaten husband plots to murder his wife to collect her life insurance money and a little peace of mind. A good story of vengeance for revenge that would ALMOST be at home in the pages of Tales From The Crypt.

Double Trouble (text story): a man kills a coworker who looks an awful lot like him in order to take over his life. Dull and predictable.

The Monster From the Pit: an ancient beast of Transylvanian descent known as the Grahku is killing innocents in a large unnamed city. Everyone thinks it is the work of a human killer, but one police officer knows better. I like any tale that features a book of forbidden knowledge, but sharing a little of that knowledge with the reader, regarding what the hell a Grahku is, would have been helpful.

Eerie #15 can be accessed free and legally at the Digital Comic Museum by clicking HERE.


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