Thursday, January 5, 2012

Debauchery Days

Heya, Hipsters!

I know that I haven't been around much the last few weeks, and that's because my wife has been on winter break.  She loves me and totally supports (or at least puts up with) my horror fanaticism, however it makes it a little more difficult to indulge in the darker fare when she's at home--especially around the holidays, when she's listening to Christmas carols and watching It's A Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time.  Inundated as I was with the "Christmas Spirit", I needed a good dose of sin to get me back to my former shadowy and cynical self.

Enter Jonny's oldest pal Jimmy Retro, and our 48-hour Debauchery Days celebration.

For the past two days we have surrounded ourselves with violent fight songs, artery-clogging foods, booze, lung-busting quantities of nicotine and hookah, palpitation-inducing amounts of caffeine, and some of the most despicable, vile horror films that we could acquire.  When we needed a break, however, we baptized ourselves in the soul-cleansing waters of...Mr. Belvedere.

We're nothing if not complex.

Anyway, with the saccharine goodness of the holidays behind me, and a new year ahead, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things and should return to a semi-regular posting schedule soon.

Just as soon as I recover.  Debauchery takes a lot out of you.


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