Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ward (2010)

The Ward

Written by Michael & Shawn Rasmussen
Directed by John Carpenter

Kristen...Amber Heard
Dr. Gerald Stringer...Jared Harris
Roy...D.R. Anderson
Iris...Lyndsy Fonseca

An attractive young woman named Kristen finds herself institutionalized at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital after burning down a farmhouse. There she becomes acquainted with the other female patients--both living and dead.

It seems the girls have a tendency to die off. But after they're gone, they don't STAY gone.

Having John Carpenter's name attached to a project just doesn't have the same cachet that it used to, and yet I keep getting suckered into watching. This film (which was nominally a NOES III: Dream Warriors, without dreams or warriors, crossed with Shutter Island, without shutters or islands--and a certain other movie I won't name for fear of spoiling everything for those who still want to see it) was a real chore to sit through, a slow-moving burner without adequate suspense or surprise to make up for the sluggish pace. It lost my interest near the 30 minute mark when it became apparent that there were no shocks or genuine surprises lying in wait, but I stuck it out partially out of responsibility, and partially because of the superfluous shower scene.

A glossy, Hollywood-style horror flick without real teeth to speak of.

Rated R
88 Minutes
United States

"Sorry, I don't converse with loonies!"


  1. crud, thank you for the words.


  2. I just... I know this is kinda horror heresy, but besides THE THING and HALLOWEEN, I really have very, very little interest in anything Carpenter's ever done. THEY LIVE I supposed I liked when I saw it 20+ years ago, PRINCE OF DARKNESS just sat there, and don't even get me started on MOUTH OF MADNESS, which I watched again last month. No thanks. It surprises me not at all that THE WARD is getting such ragingly mediocre to poor reviews.

  3. I agree with Will Errickson - The Thing and Halloween were his best films and he hasn't done anything that comes close since then. I recently saw The Fog for the first time which is considered one of his best and was totally underwhelmed.


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