Friday, December 2, 2011

Nightmares & Dreamscapes Ep. 06: The Fifth Quarter (2006)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes Ep. 06:
The Fifth Quarter

White trash Willy (Jeremy Sisto) has just been released from prison after a 7 year stint. Despite his promises of going straight, he winds up back on the twisty road of crime when Barney--his former cell mate, and his wife's former lover--shows up on his doorstep, dying from a gunshot wound to the gut. He's babbling about some map worth 3.5 million dollars, cut into quarters and divided among four men, himself included.

When Barney expires, Willie collects his piece of the map, and then proceeds to seek out the missing pieces with extreme prejudice.

It's a pretty good crime thriller, but it's not as gritty as it should be, probably the result of appearing on TNT instead of HBO, or at the very least FX. The source material reminded me of King channeling Vachss, but it seems slightly watered down here, but not so much that it can't be enjoyed.

King is a master of horror, but not quite a master of crime. However, I do love me some Sisto, an actor you don't hear about all that often but who absolutely crushes it every time he's onscreen. It's him--and the artful camerawork--that rank this among the better episodes of the series.


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  1. Holy shit you namedropped Andrew Vachss. Marry me.


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