Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nightmares and Dreamscapes Ep.08: You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band (2006)

Nightmares and Dreamscapes Ep. 08:
You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band

Clark and Mary are a married couple on a road trip. They find themselves hopelessly lost, but things start to look up when they roll upon the small town of Rock and Roll Heaven, Oregon.

This idyllic-sounding town is right up Clark's alley, as he was obviously born in the wrong decade. He listens exclusively to classic rock and roll, drives a classic Mustang (Sally, natch!), and is an all around throwback sorta guy. So they cruise on in at Clark's insistence, much to Mary's chagrin.

While there, they notice an inordinate amount of people who look exactly like dead rock stars...and none of them want the newcomers to leave.

Honestly, it's a blatantly ridiculous concept, but somehow it works here. It's a cross between the old adage that Rock and Roll is the Devil's music and the Ray Bradbury short story "Mars Is Heaven". Only in this case, Mars is a small town in Oregon.

Despite a few silly moments, this is still the best episode of the series. Glad to see that they went out on a high note.

"Great music died the day they dreamed up disco."

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  1. I always thought this was one of King's best short stories, and they did a great job of it on this short flick/episode translation.

    I think King does an exceptional job of ghost stories, with things from a long-dead past reaching out to interfere with the future (i.e. this, THE SHINING, CHRISTINE, etc.)


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