Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zombie Science 1Z by Dr. Austin

Zombie Science 1Z
by Dr. Austin

This book purports to be a textbook of sorts for a fictional institute dedicated to the theory of zombieism, written by one Dr. Austin. It is broken into three "modules":

Module 1: the zombieism condition
Module 2: the zombieism causes
Module 3: preventing & curing zombieism 

Grounded in reality and in actual science--this is not one of those books that pretends zombies are real, but rather poses a "what if...?" type of scenario--Zombie Science 1Z is a thinking-man's zombie book, albeit one with a bit of a cheeky sense of humor.

Dr. Austin deconstructs the zombie myth, tearing apart how the walking dead are commonly depicted in the media, and rebuilding it from scratch with a basis in scientific fact. He posits that whatever the cause of zombieism is, it would have to be something that attacked and altered the brain, causing the symptoms that we commonly think of when discussing zombies--i.e., shuffling walk, distinctive moan, and all-consuming hunger.

Regarding the causes, Dr. Austin puts the kibosh on radiation and magic, but states that it could be brought on by a variation of rabies or, more likely, a new strain of prion (rogue protein) disease.

When it comes to prevention and cure of zombieism, well...I'm not going to give up the goods here. If you want the facts, you gotta pay to see.

This is something of a strange book, taking a factual look at a strictly fictional condition. Despite the attempts at humor (some of which fall flat) Zombie Science 1Z is a far more interesting book than it is an entertaining one--which may work against it in some people's eyes.

Had it taken itself only slightly more seriously or slightly less seriously, it would have been more successful, but its rather schizophrenic format taxed my patience at times. Thankfully it ran only 136 pages, as anything longer would have proved too much for the concept to stand up.

But, if you ever get bored, there's a nifty little "flip-book" animation printed in the lower right hand corner of the book, showing a pair of silhouettes dancing MJ Thriller-style.  There's also a website that gives a touch of interactivity to the proceedings, where you can take an online test to receive your "degree" (I'm currently waiting for mine to arrive in my inbox).  So hearty kudos to Dr. Austin for giving you even more bang for your buck.

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