Friday, October 7, 2011

Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek

Written & Directed by Greg McLean

Mick Taylor...John Jarratt
Liz Hunter...Cassandra Magrath
Kristy Earl...Kesti Morassi
Ben Mitchell...Nathan Phillips

A suave young bloke and the two good-looking sheilas that he's traveling the Aussie countryside with stop at the Wolf Creek Meteor Crater for a little adventure. After a three hour hike, the weather gives out; their luck goes from bad to worse when they discover that not only have their watches mysteriously stopped working, but their car has as well.

Luckily a friendly (albeit eccentric) cowboy character stumbles upon them, and offers them a tow back to his place, where he promises to fix them up free of charge. As he repairs the car, the trio fall asleep by a campfire, and when they wake up, they're separated from each other, bound and gagged, and all prepped for torture.

Bit of a bugger, that.

Something like Texas Chainsaw Massacre without Texas. And without the chainsaw. The outback makes a suitable stand-in for the rural backroads of Texas, though, even if the culmination is more Hostel than Leatherface in the long run.

Supposedly based on true events, that's a marketing ploy that long ago lost credibility. Although it was initially met with equal parts praise (by Quentin Tarantino, for one, who is long due to create a horror film of his own, if you ask me) and disdain (Roger Ebert gave it zero stars), it has fallen off the charts and is rarely heard about these days. It was released the same year as the aforementioned Hostel, and that more high-profile torture porn epic swallowed this one up whole. Wolf Creek is probably the better movie, but is under appreciated.

While it's not for every one, give it a few years or so, and Bob's your sister, Wolf Creek will be ripe for rediscovery.  Especially if the proposed sequel slated for 2013 ever comes to fruition.

And come on, how cool is Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool?  Pretty damned.  That's how cool.

Rated R
99 Minutes

"See?  Head on a stick!"


  1. I thought John Jarratt as the killer was charming as hell and a hoot every time he was onscreen... but the rest of the movie was a bit of the ol' "been there, seen that" for me so I thought it was ultimately unsatisfying. The whole backwoods killer scenario was almost as played out as zombies, even in '05.

  2. Try eveything once is what I always say. (kinda) I'll look this one up.


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