Monday, October 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Halloween Links

Here's a small collection of interesting links I assembled while working on this exhausting blogathon, mostly material I thought was really great but that I couldnt justify assembling into its own post.

Photographer Christine Flaherty crafted a photo-story called The Night He Came Home, starring everybody's favorite serial killer Michael Myers and some poor hapless teenage girl.  Click HERE and give it a look.

Over at Soundcloud, musician Figure has released a track called "Michael Myers is Dead".  Click HERE to check it out.  Warning: It's a beast!

Deviant Art is a great website for finding pop artists that you had never heard of.  A search for "Michael Myers" will pull up thousands of pieces, including the awesome piece above from MontyGog (Dave Perillo).  Click HERE to visit MontyGog's page, or HERE for a quick Michael Myers search of Deviant Art.

To tie into the release of Rob Zombie's Halloween on DVD, they released a viral video game in which you get to step into the shoes of Michael Myers, fetching a butcher knife from the kitchen and hacking and slashing your way through a whole slew of teenieboppers.  Click HERE to play it.  You know you want to.

Nancy Kyes (Annie Brackett in Halloween) is now an artist whose work can be viewed at her OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Brian Andrews played the young Tommy Doyle in the original Halloween.  He went onto a few small roles, but hasn't appeared on screen since playing "Nerdy Kid" in 1987's Three O'Clock High.  He's making his way back to film with Last Supper: The Russellville Hacksaw Murders, a sort-of unofficial indie spin-off of the Halloween franchise (based on a throwaway line by the cemetery curator), currently in pre-production.  Check out the FACEBOOK PAGE for more information on the film.

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