Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jimmy by William Malmborg

 by William Malmborg

Jimmy Hawthorne isn't your typical high school kid. He's something of an outcast (which many of us can probably relate to), his best friend is his younger brother, and he's too skittish to make a move on the girl of his dreams. Doesn't sound so out of the ordinary? Well, perhaps I forgot to mention that he has kidnapped two girls and has them tied up in a secret underground chamber where he acts out his sick and perverted fantasies.

Part horror, part exploitation, and yes, even part romance, Jimmy is a disturbing read to say the least. The torture and humiliation of Jimmy's captives will make you squirm and crave a front row seat when he finally gets his comeuppance. This is in direct opposition of Jimmy's interactions with his brother Alan and his love interest Tina, where Jimmy comes across as a likable and sympathetic character. But even in his most shining of moments, the truth of his darker self is always lurking in the back of your mind.

There is no absolute good and absolute evil here. Jimmy isn't a one-dimensional killing machine, an embodiment of darkness like Jason Voorhees. He's a multi-faceted character that you sometimes have to remind yourself you are supposed to hate. It's a difficult read because of the fact that it all seems so feasible, and no matter how hard you hope for a happy ending, you know that such a thing is a blatant impossibility.

There are a number of typos and misspellings throughout this ebook, but none so glaring that they make for any confusion. The first few chapters were difficult to get through due to the subject matter, but after I got over the hump, I was fairly well glued to my screen until the story was over.

Dark, demented, and exciting, but certainly not for everyone. But for those with the stomach to see this thing through, it's a rewarding experience and a hell of a bargain at only 99¢.  Support fellow horror blogger William Malmborg and toss a couple coins his way via Amazon.


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