Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: White Ghost by Greg Mitchell

Halloween: White Ghost
By Greg Mitchell

This short text story features and/or mentions a variety of familiar faces from the original Halloween film: Dr. Loomis, Dr. Wynn, Nurse Marion, Nurse Strickland (from the television edit), and of course...Michael Myers.

But none of these characters are truly in the spotlight here. The star of this story is one Mr. Chris Hastings.

Right now, you're surely thinking "Who the hell is Chris Hastings?"

He's the tow truck driver from Phelps Garage who "donated" his coveralls to the recently escaped Michael Myers. Not even a genuine character in the film, only a corpse lying at the edge of the frame just outside of Dr. Loomis's field of vision, this goes to show that everybody has a story, and they all deserve to be told.

White Ghost takes us along on Chris's last few hours of life, as he visits his hometown of Haddonfield for the final time and relives a few torturous memories from his past. Michael Myers was not the only tragedy to ever hit Haddonfield. In fact, Michael Myers is only a small portion of the expanded Halloween universe.

The Official Synopsis:

Nine years ago, Chris Hastings left Haddonfield behind. He ran away to escape his past, but his future wasn't any more promising. So tonight, the night before Halloween, 1978, Chris is going back to Haddonfield, and the ghosts of his past aren't the only thing waiting there for him.

Ironically, as much as I love the character of Dr. Loomis, I enjoyed this story much more than the previous text story, Sam, which centered on Loomis. I give a lot of props to Malek Akkad for continuing the legacy of his father in such creative ways, and I hope for a lot more of these stories in the future--but as more time passes, the less likely that seems.

White Ghost can be downloaded FOR FREE from the official Halloween Comics website by clicking HERE!


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