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Halloween: Sam by Stefan Hutchinson

Halloween: Sam
by Stefan Hutchinson

HalloweenComics.Com, the official website of the Halloween line of comic books, released some time back two FREE stories that continue the plotlines outlined in the film franchise.  As they are from an "official" source, they should be considered part of the canon, and not just fancy fan fiction.  Please note that these are text stories with a few illustrations, not comic books.

The 'Sam' that the title refers to is Dr. Sam Loomis, of course; and although it may seem unusual to hear the doctor referred to solely by his first name, it makes sense in this context.  For the first time in this story, we are allowed to look at Sam (the man) hiding beneath Loomis (the obsession).

It covers a number of important events in Sam's life, beginning with him leaving his home in England to practice psychiatry in Illinois;  We go with him as he visits the crime scene following the murder of Judith Myers by her younger brother Michael; and we watch as Sam slowly gives way to his obsession with Michael Myers, overcome with fear and depression, going so far as to contemplate suicide.
"A sad old man crying.  That's all I am.  That's why they curse me.  A pathetic cowardly creature with memories lost and broken.  How far have I come from who I was?  What has changed inside me--why can't I change it back?  Why am I letting these things control and destroy me for a thousandth time?  I don't want this life.  I loathe this emptiness, this abhorrent isolation.  I want things to make sense--I want my world to be beautiful again--I want everybody to come back--"
Following Michael's breakout and second assault on Haddonfield, we are privy to a few of the details regarding their staging of Laurie Strode's death, and of her adopting a new identity as Keri Tate.  And although Michael seems to disappear for a while, Loomis knows that he is there, lurking in the shadows...waiting.  While everyone else thinks the Bogeyman is dead, Loomis never gives up the hunt.

The purpose of this story is two-fold: it allows us a little more insight into the mind of Dr. Sam Loomis and his relationship with Michael Myers; and it also fills in the 20 year gap in the storyline between Halloween 2 and Halloween H20 (as this story takes place in the H20 chronology, parts 4-6 are ignored).

Michael Myers is not the star here, but when he does show up, he shines.  Toward the gruesome end of the story, we realize just how lost of a character Michael really is, and that Loomis is equally lost if not even more so.  It ends in requisite tragedy, but at least Loomis finally gets an official send off.

The reading was a little rough-going and uninteresting for me at times (I admit, I like my Loomis crazed and obsessed), but it really pulls together by the end, and I can see certain elements in my mind as clearly as if they were deleted scenes from the franchise.  At just 38 pages, it won't take you long to read, so Loomis Lovers should definitely take note.

Download Halloween: Sam for free by clicking HERE!


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