Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Part II [Fan Edit] (2009)

Halloween Part II
(Fan Edit by ModernKnife)

Some enterprising young horror fan going by the moniker of ModernKnife watched the original Halloween, and thought that it was damn near perfect.  The sequels, however, he felt left something to be desired--after Part 2, the audience was saddled with four increasingly-sad sequels that didn't even have Laurie Strode in it.  Then Halloween H20 came out, returning us to the only victim that we ever really cared about, and she cropped up up again briefly in Halloween Resurrection.

Seeing a franchise that had meandered all over the map, ModernKnife decided to create his own sequel without ever picking up a camera.  Using footage from every entry in the series that featured the character of Laurie Strode, he edited together a two-hour long movie that is a direct sequel to the theatrical version of the original Halloween, and follows Laurie Strode and her interactions with her brother from the age of 17 until the bloody end.

All extraneous bullshit has been cut out, and entire characters have been eliminated.  And while this certainly won't replace your Halloween collection, it may make a nice addition to it.  Don't have time for a full-on Halloween marathon?  No problem.  Just watch the original, followed by this fan-edit, and you'll pretty much end up at the same place.

Quality wise, it has its ups-and-downs.  The majority of the film is comprised of Halloween 2 and H20.

Halloween 2 segment
Deleted scenes from the first film are seamlessly inserted here as flashbacks featuring Loomis and a young Michael Myers, and it's a much quicker, more tolerable ride.  It's very Loomis-centric, which is a good thing.  However, the hospital scenes are occasionally confusing--people just seem to randomly disappear as they are killed offscreen, and the final confrontation happens very suddenly.  I think that either too much or not enough footage was cut.

H20 segment
This portion of the movie suffers from the same occasional confusion as the previous segment; but what is worse is the final 20 minutes or so of the flick when, for "artistic reasons" (the editor chose to replace the soundtrack with the original's musical cues for a more consistent feel), the sound effects--and on a few occasions the dialogue--drops off, replaced only with the soundtrack.

Overall, a pretty impressive experiment that could stand only a few minor improvements.  Despite the occasional lapse, it managed to take footage from four distinctly different films and tell a pretty cohesive storyline, which was surely no easy feat.

Before anyone gets up in arms about copyright infringement, pirating and all that jazz, let me state my case here: I do not condone pirating, which is the equivalent of stealing from the creative minds behind books, movies, music, etc. and I have never, nor will I ever, review a pirated movie on this blog.  However, I already own all of the sourced movies used in this fan edit, so everyone who was going to get money from them has already received it from me.  In my mind, it's the equivalent of downloading an unofficial remix of your favorite song.  It's not commercially available, so nobody is losing money from it. I could do a whole post on bootlegging vs. pirating and commercially available vs. not available, but I won't.  At least not here.



  1. I agree with you on your bootlegging stance.

    I disagree on the sequels - I LIKED Parts 4,5, and even 6, a little. I understand why a lot of people didn't, but seriously: if he had been chasing Jamie Lee around for 3 more movies, would it have really been any better anyway? I think n not. The sequels have their own moments and quirks.

    That said, I wasn't even aware this "fan edit" existed. Cool review, J2!

  2. Actually, I'm with you J1. I found something to enjoy in all the sequels (except Resurrection). The comments about being saddled down with increasingly-sad sequels were a paraphrasing of the fan-editors thoughts, not mine.



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