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Halloween: The Inside Story (2010)

Halloween: The Inside Story

Directed by Phil Nobile, Jr.

This "inside look" at John Carpenter's original Halloween airs occasionally on the Biography Channel, and if you ever have the opportunity to check it out, I highly suggest that you do. A two-hour documentary about the greatest slasher film ever made? Oh, hell yeah.

Talking to pretty much every living person who was associated with the film (even young Michael Myers, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace) must have been quite a feat, but all of them have something fascinating to add with very little repetition between them. It is, of course, broken up with voice over narration, clips from the film and stock footage, to keep things interesting.

For fans of the film, not everything here is going to be new information, but I can almost guarantee that there will be at least a few tidbits that you didn't already know. Far more interesting and informative than a simple commentary track would be, Halloween: The Inside Story gives us a peek not only into the making of the film, but also life for the cast and crew before the movie and after it.

Particularly great moments cover the construction of Michael Myer's mask (and what the mask MIGHT have looked like if they had gone with one of their other choices), and of course the infamous themesong, going so far as to demonstrate how much less effective the movie was before it was scored.

I could easily have gotten upset that the sequels were barely touched on, as they seem to get very little coverage, but that would have taken time away from covering the original (and most important) film in the series. Although I wouldn't be opposed to a follow up that covered each of the sequels in turn.

I'll admit that I haven't seen the other two "big" documentaries about Halloween--25 Years of Terror and A Cut Above the Rest--so I can't compare them, but I can heartily suggest you try to catch this doc the next time it airs, as it doesn't seem to be available on DVD.

Not Rated
120 Minutes (with commercials)
United States


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  1. great HALLOWEEN bunch here, i am loving and enjoying it all... i am hoping you to will cover the several versions of halloween 6 edits and versions.

    have a great day!


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