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Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode

The First Death of Laurie Strode

In 2008, Devil's Due publishing began releasing their new miniseries, Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode.  It takes place after the original two films, and was meant to cover the timeline between them and H20, a 20 year gap of time in Laurie Strode's life that has never been explored.

#1 - Masks and Grotesque Figures: This story picks up in the days following the events of Halloween 1 and 2, as Laurie Strode attempts to reconcile herself with the fact that not only is she adopted, but that her blood brother is responsible for killing off most of her friends. Understandably, she sees Michael Myers everywhere. And then, eventually, he IS there.  It's a nice introduction to the series, with a few impressive scenes that really allow us into Laurie's damaged psyche, so it looks like things are getting off to a pretty solid start.

#2 - Demons Tormenting Me: Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis reunite following the appearance of Michael Myers in the previous issue, and Loomis promises to stay in Haddonfield to protect her. In the days leading up to graduation, the shock of Halloween night proves too much for Laurie to deal with, and she seeks refuge in drugs and alcohol. Thankfully Loomis stays sharp though, as he and Nurse Marion begin to formulate a plan to save Laurie's life...or at the very least, delay the inevitable.  The action and the tension start to ratchet up here, leading to what would inevitably be a fantastic finale.

This Devil's Due miniseries was primed up to be an excellent addition to the storyline, not only filling in the events regarding Laurie Strode's supposed death and transformation into Keri Tate, but also offering insight into her as a character. It was admittedly a bit disheartening to see good girl Laurie stray to the dark side, but what traumatized teenager wouldn't?  We already know that she turns into a "functioning alcoholic" by the time H20 rolls around, so this seems a believable beginning to her downward slide.

I was greatly looking forward to the last issue of this series. Unfortunately, for whatever reason DDP has yet to release the third and final issue that was promised to us approximately THREE years ago. Although the issue has almost surely been completed, all that has been released to the public is the cover art.

Stay away from this series, unless you enjoy a good tease that never amounts to anything.  It's like being at a strip club when you suddenly run out of money.

I imagine.


  1. How disappointing they never released the final installment! It is indeed a great idea though (exploring Laurie's fractured psyche and the lead up to her 'death'). Does the character of Jamie figure in the story at all?

  2. I'm actually friends with the author of the Halloween comics, and I can tell you that the creative team is STILL trying to get the final issue released. Devil's Due stopped paying their creators, including the team behind the Halloween comics, which is what led to a massive walk-out. Fortunately, the scripts and artwork were still in the hands of the creative team, so it may still see the light of day. Some things are in the works at the moment, though nothing is finalized.


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