Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fan Films by Chris R. Notarile

As part of my Halloween Blogathon, I was going to do a post covering Halloween fan films, but I quickly came to a startling two-part discovery.

1)  There are a lot of Halloween fan films.
2)  Almost all of them suck.

But then I remembered that Chris R. Notarile of Blinky Productions, the man behind Methodic (the world's first basher film) is quite the fan-filmmaker himself.  A quick look at his filmography proved that he had, indeed, shot a few of the types of films I was looking for.  A very talented filmmaker who offers "High Quality Films...Without The Budget", Notarile showed me that I did not have to wade through the garbage to find the gems.  I just had to know where to look.

Myers: Rise of the Boogie Man: "There's no such thing as the Boogie Man, Michael."  Those famous last words are uttered by the doomed Judith Myers in this short, which takes place just minutes before the opening scene of the original Halloween.  A young Michael Myers is trick-or-treating with his older sister when he is forced to confront the evil that will soon overtake him.  Think of it as a ret-conned deleted scene.  (WATCH IT NOW)

Halloween (Season): First time in 15 years that the town of Haddonfield, IL is allowed to celebrate Halloween.  Julie Monroe and her boyfriend Bill become the latest targets of Michael Myers.  Probably the best looking of all the films covered here. (WATCH IT NOW)

Friday the 31st - Michael Vs. Jason:  Fleeing across America from his uncle Michael Myers, John Tate and his girlfriend stop off in a sleepy little town called Crystal Lake to fill up their tank.  They run into Tommy Jarvis and his girlfriend, also on the run from their own masked killer (Jason Voorhees).  Seeking shelter at Tommy's cabin, both madmen arrive at the same time and break into a fight to the death.  Not a bad, movie, honestly, but the video is so dark (caused by internet compression, according to Notarile) that it is sometimes hard to watch.  Some pretty brutal fight scenes, though.  (WATCH IT NOW)

The Nightmare Ends On Halloween:  Following the events of Freddy Vs. Jason, Freddy is stuck in limbo once again, but he thinks that he may be able to use Michael Myers as a puppet to do his bidding, just as he once did with Mr. Voorhees.  Michael proves to have a stronger will than Jason did, however, and they end up duking it out in dreamland.  Features an impressive cast of guest stars at the finale.  (WATCH IT NOW)

The Last Halloween - The Death of Michael Myers: Taking place at some point in the future, when Michael Myers is sixty years old and has completed his quest of killing off everyone else in his bloodline, the masked killer suffers a breakdown, is verbally assaulted by his conscience (in the voice of Dr. Loomis), and finally gives up the ghost.   (WATCH IT NOW)


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