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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

Written by Daniel Farrands
Directed by Joe Chappelle

Tommy Doyle...Paul Rudd
Dr. Loomis...Donald Pleasance
Danny Strode...Devin Gardner
Kara Strode...Marianne Hagan
Michael Myers...George P. Wilbur

"When Michael Myers was 6 years old he stabbed his sister to death. For years he was locked up in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, but he escaped. And suddenly, Halloween become another name for mayhem. One by one, he killed his entire family until his 9 year old niece Jamie Lloyd was the only one left alive. Six years ago, Halloween night, Michael and Jamie vanished. Many believe them dead, but I think that someone hid them away; someone that keeps Michael, protects him, tries to control him. But if there's one thing I know, you can't control evil. You can lock it up, you can burn it and bury it, pray that it dies, but it never will. It just rests a while. You can lock your doors, and say your prayers at night, but the evil's out there, waiting. Maybe, just maybe, it's closer than you think."--Tommy Doyle

Jamie Lloyd, now an adult and prisoner of the Thorn Cult run by the mysterious man in black from the previous entry, gives birth to a child. With the help of a sympathetic nurse, Jamie and her newborn son escape, pursued by Michael Myers.

Dr. Looms is invited by Dr. Wynn to come out of retirement and return to Smith's Grove, which surprisingly coincides with Michael's return. Even Tommy Doyle gets in on the plot here, living next door to Michael's childhood house currently occupied by members of the Strode family.

The Thorn cult wants the baby. Tommy and Dr. Loomis want Michael. And Michael...well, he wants everyone. Dead.

Dr. Loomis is getting up there in years, but the man's still got it, delivering his lines with the passion (i.e., obsession) that we have come to expect. It's too bad that he wasn't given all that much to do, but I suspect they were worried that new audiences wouldn't buy this old gentleman Ahab-ing his way against an unstoppable killing machine. From the looks of it, Tommy Doyle (a brooding and occasionally intense Paul Rudd) was all primed to take over the role as Michael's hunter--a natural character evolution that makes sense to me.

This movie fills in the questions initially posed in part 5, and the Curse/Cult of Thorn are used as a means to explain Michael's motivations. Many fans of the series despise this plot device, because they feel that Michael was scarier before his motivations were explained. And rightly so. But the fact is that this is Michael's fifth feature film...he isn't all that scary at this point anyway. This was an attempt at reinvigorating the character and the series.

As for the Curse of Thorn itself, the seeds of this idea were first seen in the novelization of the original Halloween, so the concept was nothing new. And I like that it ties that book directly into canon.

At least until the next sequel, which pretends that parts 4-6 never happened--which is just lazy storytelling, if you ask me. I would rather have a remake than a retcon. If you don't like the direction a franchise has taken, you don't delete the past, you write around it. It would only have taken a few pages of creative storytelling to tie ALL of the previous films into H20.

The Curse of Michael Myers gets a lot of flack from fans. It's far from perfect, but not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think it is. I would welcome another movie--or hell, even a book--that finishes off this storyline and connects it to the next two films.

Rated R
88 Minutes
United States

"Wear crotchless panties and bark like a dog."

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