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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Written by Michael Jacobs, Dominique Othenin-Girard, & Shem Bitterman
Directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard

Sam Loomis...Donald Pleasance
Jamie Lloyd...Danielle Harris
Rachel Carruthers...Ellie Cornell
Tina Williams...Wendy Foxworth
Michael Myers...Don Shanks

Michael Myers once again survives his apparent death at the end of the previous entry, and spends a year unconscious under the care of some hermit, who is quickly killed for his troubles as soon as Michael awakens on October 30th the following year.

Jamie, meanwhile, has been placed in a children's psychiatric hospital following her attack on her foster mom, and has lost her ability to speak due to emotional trauma. Michael, of course, returns to Haddonfield once again, to finish the job he started--and this means trouble for not only Jamie, but her foster sister Rachel, and Rachel's best friend Lisa (plus a host of other fodder for the slaughter).

The fact that Jamie stabbed her foster mom at the end of Part 4 is all but swept under the rug here. However, the psychic link established previously between Jamie and Michael plays more heavily into the plot this time around, but still is never explained. If anything, it seems like Michael and Laurie would have had the connection...but maybe it skips a generation?

So with every murder, Jamie sees and/or feels everything that her uncle does, which would probably make her head explode with post-modern meta feedback if he ever managed to get ahold of her.

(*MINOR SPOILER ALERT* Was I the only one who thought it odd that Jamie was infinitely more concerned with the possibility of Lisa's death than she was with the actuality of Rachel's death?)

Dr. Loomis is in rare form this time around, almost completely consumed by his obsession with stopping The Shape, so much so that he's not against taking out his frustrations on the emotionally scarred Jamie. But at least the police have finally learned to listen to Loony Loomis--not that it does any good. The Haddonfield police department must have run out of recruits after the previous year's decimation of their ranks, because they're weighed down by a pair of bumbling "comic relief" deputies who are so inept that they have their own clownish theme music. Their buffoonery really gets in the way of any fear and suspense may have otherwise been on display.

There's also a mysterious Man In Black (no, sadly it's not Johnny Cash) who passes through a few mysterious scenes quite in the most mysterious manner, whose sole purpose is to mysteriously show up at the film's finale and make you say, "Uhh...what the fuck!?", ruining what would otherwise have been a passable (but far from great) entry in the franchise.

Rated R
96 Minutes
United States

"Maybe you guys are already naked!"

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