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Early Halloween H20 Script Treatment by Kevin Williamson

Halloween H20 
Script Treatment by Kevin Williamson

The basic premise of what would eventually become Halloween H20 was there from the very beginning, but as it was originally plotted there were a number of differences.

Laurie Strode was still living under an assumed name in this first treatment by Kevin Williamson of Scream fame, and she was still a divorced functioning -alcoholic mother of a teenage son. In fact, Laurie's role in the film was pretty much unchanged.

Her son, though, was a 16 year old named Mick instead of the 17 year old John from the completed film. Where John is depicted as a typical rambunctious teenager, Mick was something more of a straight-up prick, going so far as to dress up like Michael Myers just to mess with his mother's head. What a bastard!

Laurie was still the head mistress of a private school, only the location was initially in New England instead of Northern California. One other important detail that was changed about the school: it was originally intended to be an all-girl's school, with young Mick being the sole male student. So he was not just a bastard, he was a lucky bastard to boot.

So as not to skimp on the teenage sexual antics--because a slasher loves nothing more than offing a handful of promiscuous teens--the girls school and the nearby boys school have a Halloween dance that erupts into violence when Michael Myers (The Shape himself) appears. The police swarm the dance in helicopters(!), one of which is then stolen by a panicked student, who promptly crashes it into a mountain, killing many.

The final showdown takes place in a tunnel, where Laurie, Mick and Molly (an odd choice of an ugly duckling character who is given a "Sally Jesse Rafael makeover" during her own pointless subplot, just so she can later be murdered) have ended up after fleeing the scene in a school bus.

After what I can only assume is a protracted battle sequence, Mick and Laurie are chased out of the tunnel by Michael, just as another police helicopter is landing. Michael kills the pilot, and he is lured somehow into the helicopter's blades and is chopped in half, "killing him for good."

I'm rather puzzled as to how this happened, since the helicopter's blades are on top of the aircraft. In order to get chopped in half, he would have had to be standing on top of the helicopter--possibly even kneeling. Regardless, the finale seems disappointing, at least on paper. It's much more satisfying that Laurie ended up beheading him up close and personal...even if it was later revealed to be a trick by the suddenly-crafty Michael Myers.

On a laughable closing note, remember LL Cool J's security guard character from the film?

It was written as a woman.

But apparently LL wanted the role, and threatened to have his mother knock the casting agent out if he didn't comply.

Happy Halloween, hipsters!

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