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Chaos Comics Halloween Series

Chaos Comics Halloween Series

In the year 2000, following the release of Halloween H20, Chaos Comics secured the rights to the Halloween franchise.  They were apparently as unhappy with the eradication of Parts 4-6 from continuity as I was, because this series attempted to connect the events of those film to the events in H20.  It was an admirable attempt, and I truly enjoyed this series, but it unfortunately lasted only three issues.  Later, the rights to the franchise were given over to Devil's Due Publishing, and these Chaos Comics issues were themselves erased from continuity.

Talk about a headache!

Halloween: Tommy Doyle, working on an exposé book about Michael Myers procures a copy of the late Dr. Loomis's private notes and journals. The majority of the issue is dedicated to flashbacks narrated by Loomis's entries and follows a young Michael Myers living in the institution. These are all inspired by scenes included in the novelization of the original Halloween, which gives this a distinctly meta feel: a comic book adaptation of a novelization of a motion picture based on a script. Chaos seems to always have great art, and it's on full display here during the flashbacks and the wraparound story as well. This may not be new to diehard fans, but seeing what was previously only imagined was killer--pun intended.

Halloween II - The Blackest Eyes: Richie Castle (the kid who trips young Tommy Doyle in the original, then bumps into Michael Myers) returns here--briefly--as does Sheriff Bracket, and their fates intertwine in a way you won't believe. Also appearing in cameo are Richie's childhood chums Keith and Lonnie. While Michael Myers kills off anyone dumb enough to wander into his family home, Brackett informs Tommy Doyle about the Myers family history, revealing some less-than-favorable facts about Michael's father. The Druids and the curse of Samhain play a lot into this story, both in the past and in the present day.

Halloween III - The Devil's Eyes: Tommy Doyle, framed for murder, escapes from the mental institution two years after the events in Chaos Comics's Halloween II. At the same time, the corpses of Annie Brackett, Lynda Vander Klok, and Bob Simms (the victims from the first film) are stolen from the graveyard. Desperate, Tommy runs to Lindsey Wallace (the other child Laurie Strode ended up babysitting all those years ago) for help. The Shape attacks them both, and during the struggle, Tommy manages to remove the mask, resulting in a grand reveal that will certainly upset some people. It would appear that this issue branches into a distinctly different reality than the film series, but it's feasible that it takes place between the ending of H20 (where Laurie decapitates The Shape), and the beginning of Resurrection, where Laurie is found institutionalized.


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