Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Subspecies (1991)


Written by Jackson Barr & David Pabian
Directed by Ted Nicolau

Radu...Anders Hove
Michele...Laura Mae Tate
Lillian...Michelle McBride
Mara...Irina Movila
Stefan...Michael Watson

Three college students visit a small Romanian village in order to study the local legends and superstitions. During the course of their travels, they stumble upon a power struggle taking place between two vampire brothers.

Stefan is the spawn of a vampire-human union, and he wants to leave peaceably among the mortals; his half brother Radu, however, is birthed from a sorceress, and fully embraces his vampiric side. When Radu murders his own father in order to gain control of the Bloodstone, a mythical gem which is said to continually drip hemoglobin and offer up great power, the sibling rivalry feud comes to a boil.

Now Stefan and his human cohorts set out to make a final stand against the blood-drunk Radu; but not everyone is going to survive to see the outcome.

Definitely one of Full Moon's better features, Subspecies is infinitely more cinematic than most of the studio's other fare. I mean, it looks like a real movie. Not like, say, The Gingerdead Man.

Good acting and special effects, and a rich backstory only furthers the appreciation for this film. It is shot and scored beautifully, making great use of shadows and silhouettes, seemingly inspired by Nosferatu.

This 20th Anniversary blu-ray looks fantastic, but I unfortunately don't have the capability to grab screen shots from this format--so you'll have to make do with those that I cull (rhymes with stole) from the web. But take my word for it and upgrade those VHS copies.

If every Full Moon movie was this good, Charles Band would be a household name.

Rated R
90 Minutes
United States


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  1. Totally agree, this was my favorite of the Full Moon films, this series kept me coming back sequel after sequel. I also enjoyed the Trancers films and Terrorvision which is my top favorite Charles Band film, funny how they havent released that masterpiece on DVD yet.


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