Friday, September 30, 2011

Richard Brautigan on Jack the Ripper

"London.  On December 1, 1887; July 7, August 8, September 30, one day in the month of October and on the 9th of November, 1888; on the 1st of June, the 17th of July and the 10th of September 1889...

The disguise was perfect.

Nobody ever saw him, except, of course, the victims.  They saw him.

Who would have expected?

He wore a costume of trout fishing in America.  He wore mountains on his elbows and bluejays on the collar of his shirt.  Deep water flowed through the lilies that were entwined about his shoelaces.  A bullfrog kept croaking in his watch pocket and the air was filled with the sweet smell of ripe blackberry bushes.

He wore trout fishing in America as a costume to hide his own appearance from the world while he performed his deeds of murder in the night.

Who would have expected?


Scotland Yard?


They were always a hundred miles away, wearing halibut-stalker hats, looking under the dust.

Nobody every found out.

O, now he's the Mayor of the Twentieth Century!  A razor, a knife and a ukelele are his favorite instruments.

Of course, it would have to be a ukelele.  Nobody else whould have thought of it, pulled like a plow through the intestines."

--Richard Brautigan
"The Mayor of the Twentieth Century"
Trout Fishing In America

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