Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Hitcher (2007)

The Hitcher

Written by Eric Red, Jake Wade Wall, & Eric Bernt
Directed by Dave Meyers
Produced by Michael Bay

Grace...Sophia Bush
Jim...Zachary Knighton
John Ryder...Sean Bean

Jim and Grace are a pair of college students en route to Lake Havasu for Spring Break. Along the way, they get suckered into giving some rambling man hitchhiker a ride, only to discover that he's a homicidal maniac. They manage to fight him off, but this only makes him more determined to slaughter the happy couple, and they engage in a cross-country game of cat and mouse.

For a while there, it really seemed like we were going through a horror movie remake Renaissance, with Dawn of the Dead (2004), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and The Hills Have Eyes (2006). The Hitcher was an attempt to rival the successes of these films, but just doesn't quite live up.

The acting is decent, and there's plenty of eye candy--both sugary (Grace in short skirt, Grace in panties) and sticky (head shots, throats slashed); and there's also plenty of car crashes and explosions. It's these explosions that concern me the most. The over-stylized action elements on display here are demonstrative of Michael Bay's involvement in this project. Truth be told, this isn't a horror movie. This is an action movie on Halloween, just like The Transformers was an action movie at ComiCon. One genre getting a kinky thrill out of crossdressing.

The Hitcher here is a badass, sure enough. Perhaps a little TOO badass. He's an unstoppable killing machine, but one that is far too human to be believed. He's like Michael Meyers crossed with pretty much any character that Jason Statham has ever played.

Granted, it has been so long since I've seen the original that I can't call up too many details, but I don't recall it being quite like this.

With CGI roadkill, a "cool" soundtrack, and moments specially designed to be edgy, The Hitcher tries just a bit too hard for my tastes. Over all, it's not a bad film. It just seems somehow...empty.

The End.

Rated R
84 Minutes
United States

"I want you to say four little words."


  1. I'm with you on this. I really didn't like it when it first came out. I've since watched it again and it has grown on me. It's still not great, but it isn't bad.

  2. When this came out in theaters my buddy dragged me to it and I've never let him forget it since, and I take every opportunity to bash this flick as a senseless, weak remake with no other purpose than to cash in on a well-known genre flick name. So thanks for giving me yet another chance to do this. ;)



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