Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

Frankenstein Unbound

Written by Roger Corman and FX Feeny
Directed by Roger Corman

Frankenstein...Raul Julia
Joe Buchanan...John Hurt
The Monster...Nick Brimble
Mary Shelley...Bridget Fonda

Dr. Joe Buchanan is a weapon's creator in the year 2031. His latest creation is capable of causing enemies to implode, and then completely disappear. It is not without its side effects, though, which include atmospheric anomalies and "time slips". Dr. Joe gets pulled through one of these time slips and finds himself (along with his futuristic A.I. automobile) trapped in 1817 Geneva.

While there, he discovers that Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein was something more than fiction. He stumbles across the real Dr. Frankenstein, his monster, Mary Shelley, Percy, Lord Byron and the like...even going so far as to bed the slutty little authoress.

The creature looks slightly silly to us, because we only associate the character with Universal's trademarked appearance, although I believe his look here is much closer to that described in the book. His stitched together eyeballs make a good image, but seem highly impractical.

Raul Julia does a fine job as Dr. Frankenstein, the perfect blend of aristocracy and arrogance. John Hurt as Buchanan does pretty well, too, although he seems rather unfazed by his predicament.

On occasion, it's much slower than it ought to be, with a few moments that seem stolen from Marty McFly and Doc Brown, I have never liked this movie quite as much as I feel like I should. It has its interesting moments, but a little more action and a little more thought could have gone a long way. There are long stretches where little seems to be happening, but it pulls itself admirably back together by the end.

Overall, a decent but somewhat uneven take on the Frankenstein myth.

Rated R
82 Minutes
United States



  1. this is a great fun film, cause it does take the story way of course. and the stitches in his eyes were the best...

  2. This is one of my favorite Roger Corman directed films. I really enjoyed the sci-fi angle they gave the story, I also enjoy the visuals and Raul Julia's performance.


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