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Eerie #11, April 1953 (Avon Comics)

Eerie #11
April 1953
Avon Comics

Anatomical Monster: This may seem silly, but when you think about it, medical charts are pretty damn creepy. Gray's Anatomy is something straight out of a nightmare. Here, a medical student gets an anatomical chart from an antique store, not realizing that when the chart is unrolled, the illustrated anatomical man is let loose to murder as he sees fit. A cool concept, and strangely postmodern in its own way, but the abrupt and predictable ending is a bit of a let down.

Crimson Death: Professional dance duo aren't getting the fame and fortune they think that they deserve, so they learn a voodoo dance routine that blows away the competition. It's just too bad that dead folk keep turning up, prophesying that the two of them are going to be murdered. I live anything with voodoo, and this was no exception. Quick, clever, and surprising.

The Steps In The Cellar (text story): A piece of advice for all the hobos out there: if you see an inscription that says "If this door you swing ajar/your ghastly doom will not be far"...DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!

The Haunted Murderer: A killer finds himself tormented by a poltergeist in the form of a very small--and very naked--man. The poltergeist can only be seen by him, and the ghost's antics cause him trouble and unwanted attention. Decent enough, but it would have benefitted from an extra couple pages.

Robot Model L2--Failure: A futuristic sci-fi story set during a time in which Earth is at war with Mars. A robot designed for sentry and protection is deemed a failure, although in reality the planet owes their lives to him. Quick and painless, but also not very good. The robo-ghost in the final panel is pretty memorable, though.

Eerie #11 can be accessed free and legally at the Digital Comic Museum by clicking HERE.


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