Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eerie #10, December 1952 (Avon Comics)

Eerie #10
December 1952/January 1953
Avon Comics

Only The Dead Live Here: A young married couple find themselves stranded on a small island populated by a dysfunctional family of ghosts. Suffers from an anti-climactic ending.

Green Grows The Grass: A murderous scientist has the tables turned on him when he finds himself the human flowerpot for a new breed of foliage that can grow anywhere. Really pretty ridiculous, like a Tromaville version of Swamp Thing.

Castle of Terror: This amusingly goofy tale deserves analysis. A physicist who has been "probing the phenomenon of death" discovers from afar that there is a location in Africa where all death stems from, in the form of "death rays". Rather than dedicate his life to AVOIDING that place, he gathers his crew of workers and they embark on a little field trip. They find a castle where the death rays are originating from, and seem surprised when they have a "strange feeling of danger". Really, guys? I mean, you're only knocking on death's door. Quite literally. A frail old man answers, stating that his master is away, and the visitors immediately turn on the privileged American charm, demanding room and board from the "old goat" and claiming the room full of treasure that they stumble upon inside as their own, neverminding the fiery octopus standing like a H.P. Lovecraft Saturday morning cartoon character. When death incarnate makes an appearance, I can understand his look (although he's far from frightening); but the devil, dressed like a gay superhero, is a little baffling. And considering this is supposed to be the grand reveal/twist ending, it should have been depicted in a much larger and more impressive panel.

Phantom Of The Waxworks: Wax museums are natural settings for horror films, dating all the way back to the silents, so it's no surprise that a horror comic should be set here as well. The owner of a wax works finds his museum haunted by his former boss, who has a bone to pick. The dummy of Jack the Ripper briefly comes to life too, but, strangely, is quickly forgotten to make room for the ghost. Decent, but it goes exactly where you expect it to.

Eerie #10 can be accessed free and legally at the Digital Comic Museum by clicking HERE.


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