Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Written by Fritz Gordon
Directed by Michael A. Simpson

Angela...Pamela Springsteen
Herman...Michael J. Pollard
Lily...Sandra Dorsey
Barney...Cliff Brand

From the remains of Camp Rolling Hills, the site of a massacre or two in the past, Camp New Horizons has risen like the mythical phoenix to begin the killings anew.  Right off the bat, Angela (the rapidly-aging precocious psychopath from the previous films) kills off Maria on her way to camp and takes her place.  It's such a haphazardly run organization that nobody even notices, and so Angela is free to slice, dice, chop, shoot, smash, and pound her way through the entire New Horizons family at her leisure.

I'm pretty sure that camps like this no longer exist.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet that they never did.  The campers are comprised equally of wealthy, upper-crust snobs and bigots, and violent, inner city kids.  And I use the term 'kids' quite loosely, as these people are far too old to be spending their summers at camp.  I mean, I'm not picketing in favor of child killing here, but these yahoos would have been much better served as counselors rather than the campers, as in Friday the 13th.

Sleepaway Camp III follows the cliched slasher formula to a T, for better or for worse.  There are no surprises of plot here, just exactly what you have come to expect.  Some of the kills are pretty entertaining (I especially enjoyed the flagpole drop), although they tend to be a little too "off-camera" for my tastes.  Tongue was firmly in cheek in this entry, and the whole thing came off as very hokey and very in-jokey.  It was sometimes worthy of a groan and an eye roll, but overall, it was a fun (albeit completely mindless) entry.

Boobies and bloodshed.  That's usually a pretty trustworthy combination.

Rated R
80 Minutes
United States

"You both shut up.  I'm goin' to camp, and I might never come back."


  1. I love the Sleepaway Camp movies!! :D

  2. And I'm sure they love you, too, Jenny. How could they not?



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