Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Proper Violence (2011)

A Proper Violence

Written & Directed by Matt Robinson and Chris Faulisi

Morgan...Randy Spence
Rich...Shawn Mahoney
Shep...Justin Morck
Dustin...Will Brunson
Lucy...Beverley Lauchner

Morgan Edwards, just released from prison, is getting a fresh start.  But with no friends, and all ties cut from his family, he's desperate to find some sort of human connection.  After a number of failed attempts, that connection blossoms from an unlikely incident: a masked man breaks into his apartment and shoots him in the gut.  A short time later, he is found by Shep and taken to the hospital, saving his life.

Running into Shep again at a later date, Morgan is invited on a camping trip with Shep and three of his friends.  Things are plenty tense once they get into the woods, and Morgan can't quite figure out why--until he realizes that these three men are connected to the crime that put him behind bars in the first place, and they're looking for more than just male bonding on this trip.

Not really a horror movie, but a strong emotional drama with horrific implications, A Proper Violence starts off a little slow, but quickly reels you in.  It tests your emotions, pulling your sympathies from one side to to another and then back again until you don't know who the good guys are, or even if there are any.  The tension is ridiculous, and the finale a shocker that will once again have you questioning where your allegiances lie.  Revenge is something that we all dream about at some point in our life, but this movie will make you question the logic behind it.

A surprisingly effective film, this could be double-featured with the more-bizarre and more-darkly-humorous Waldo the Dog, for one fucked-up night of movie-going.

Not Rated
102 Minutes
United States

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  1. I want some male bonding! ;] I like the way this movie sounds so I'll be sure to check this out. :D

  2. Jenny: I think you're missing one or two attributes that are pre-requisites for male bonding. And have an extra attribute or two, as well. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the flick, though.



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