Monday, July 11, 2011

100 Tears (2007)

100 Tears

Written by Joe Davison
Directed by Marcus Koch

Mark...Joe Davison
Jennifer...Georgia Chris
Gurdy the Clown...Jack Amos

Mark and Jen, two intrepid reporters for the insipid tabloid Midnight Star, grow tired of writing about the imaginary adventures of the Lizard Boy and the second coming of Abraham Lincoln's ghost.  Wanting to put together a piece about serial killers in America, they accidentally stumble upon a string of murders that are being committed right now.  The Teardrop Killer has already slaughtered dozens upon dozens of innocents, and is quickly making his way up to one hundred.  Hence the name, 100 Tears.

The police in this town must be terribly inept, because two tabloid reporters--actually fiction writers, with probably no investigative background--get farther on the case than the officials do.  They find out just who the Teardrop Killer is (a vengeful circus clown), why he began killing (accused of crimes he didn't commit), and who he is fervently searching for (a hot young blonde with a thing for self-mutilation).  The police, on the other hand, have just figured out that people are being killed every now and again.

If you took the over-the-top gruesomeness of torture porn and applied it to a slasher flick, you would wind up with 100 Tears.  I knew very little about this movie going in, other than it was a horror movie with a clown on the cover, and it was rated NC-17 for extreme violence--which sounded like a perfect recipe to me.  As you all must know by now, I love the horror genre;  I also love anything that is circus or carnival related;  And extreme violence?  It makes me smile like Chong at a fast food drive-through.  Mix them all together in a frothy brew, and I'm fucking sold.

It is a low-budget effort, and the acting is a bit rocky at times.  The plot is actually pretty anorexic, but that's standard for a slasher movie.  What is impressive here is the relentless violence and bloodshed.  I think every dime the filmmakers had went into Karo syrup, red food coloring, and a truck load of prosthetic limbs.  The initial slaughter scene at the halfway house will leave you shocked and stunned, cringing, and then you will be rubbing your hands together and demanding more.

And don't worry...there is plenty more coming.

100 Tears has a sarcastic sense of humor, which works to its advantage.  The wit is delivered through casual one-liners in normal conversations, and so doesn't detract from the horror and violence while it unfolds.  It's interesting (and probably fortunate) that the humor actually doesn't come from the clown.  The genre has enough Freddy Kruegers.

Well worth a watch if you're willing to look past the obvious flaws that go hand-in-hand with a low-budget feature.  Give it a look, hipsters!

91 Minutes
United States

"You crazy clown bastard, I just mopped these floors!"


  1. whooley krusty nuggets... i am in. i hate this movie, because of the clown... but i got to see it for the bad.

  2. This movie is actually rated NC-17? Wow! I'll have to really check this movie out!

  3. I can't get enough of psychopathic clowns. I know must people hate them, but I love them. Sweet Tooth for life! lol. Great post, I will have to definitely watch this movie

  4. iZombie: Whooley krusty nuggets indeed. Let me know what you think!

    Racul: Yes, it's actually rated NC-17. That alone rocked my socks off.

    L: I am totally with you. Psychopathic clowns--and anything circus or carnival related, for that matter--will draw me into any flick like a tractor beam!

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


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