Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spatter Analysis #8: May 2011

The above cover image was, as always, graciously donated by the inimitable Jeremy of iZombie fame.

Before you say anything, yes, I am aware that this issue of Spatter Analysis is more than a little late. Yes, I am aware that this issue of Spatter Analysis was supposed to have been released toward the beginning of June, rather than toward the end. And finally, yes, I am aware that this issue is being released close to the time that the next issue is actually supposed to be released. Just consider this the better-late-than-never issue. The month of June has been a bit of a hectic one, what with being out of town on vacation, followed by some major transitions at work, and preparing for the big move (in roughly one week, Midnite Media's base of operations will be uprooted from the flatlands of Kansas and relocated near the mountains of Colorado). All of this, coupled with the fact that June is riddled with painful reminders of my father's suicide, has prevented me from doing much work of merit around here lately. It's been a struggle just to amass these links to some of my favorite articles from the month of May. So if anyone is actually reading this, I only ask that you bear with me until things settle down a bit, and then we'll be back to morbid business as usual. And if June's issue is late, too? Well, I'll try to have a completely different excuse prepared. Enjoy.
NOTE: None of the articles below are hosted on my blog, and the authors retain sole ownership. The links are provided here without explicit permission in many cases, because, as far as I know, linking with proper attribution does not go against proper blogger etiquette. Consider this the Midnite Media equivalent of an award, only rather than be awarded for your blog overall, it's for a specific post. You know what that means, don't you? More chances to win! But, if for whatever reason you would like the link to your post removed, just let me know and it will be dropped faster than an American Idol contestant with a sex tape scandal in her past.

Table of Contents

The Universal Horror Experience - Dracula's Daughter:  The Mike of From Midnight, With Love waxes poetic over Universal Studio's sexy sequel.

Artificial Intelligence - Kubrick Vs. Spielberg:  Andre of the Horror Digest does more to defend Spielberg's interpretation of Kubrick's vision than anyone else ever has.  Ever.  And come damn cool is Gigolo Joe!?

Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park:  Power from Maximum Horror revisits this camp classic, and makes it sound so deliciously dreadful that even this decidedly non-KISS fan wants to check it out.

The Gentlemen's Guide To Vampire Slaying:  Jeff Allard of Dinner With Max Jenke thinks it is time to reevaluate John Carpenter's often-overlooked 1998 film Vampires.  And if James Woods has to raise a pimp hand every now and then, well then, so be it.

Grizzly 2:  Marshall Caruthers of Camp Movie Camp reviews the sequel that nobody asked fact, the sequel that was never even released!

1950's Science Fiction - An Introduction:  Shaun of The Celluloid Highway kicks off a month-long exploration of this particular time-frozen sub-genre with a thoroughly intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable article.

My Prophecy - Video Stores Will Rise From The Grave:  The Son of Celluloid peers into his crystal ball, and he's not seeing doomsday in the future...he's seeing the return of the video store!

To Truly Appreciate VHS Horror, One Must Immerse Into The Analog...:  No one is as dedicated to the old-school horror vibe as Jayson from Basement of Ghoulish Decadence.  And now he has the TV to prove it.

Things To Do When You Have A Crazy Roommate:  Reviewing an uninspired movie brings about an inspired step-by-step guide, as written by Nicki of Hey!  Look Behind You!

Having A Ball - The Fortunes Of The Ball Gag In Mainstream Cinema:  You may think that Joel H. of Porkhead's Horror Review Hole puts entirely too much thought into this obscure topic.  But it got him a mention in Rue Morgue.  When was the last time that happened to you?

The World's First Zombie Proof House:  When the inevitable undead apocalypse comes, do you know where you'll be hiding out?  The Rotting Zombie does!


  1. Awesome post Jonny Metro! Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm honored to have been included. I've been told that I'm just dreaming in that post. Well, to paraphrase John Lennon, they can say I'm a dreamer, but apparently I'm not the only one. I'm glad you liked the article, and I hope to warrant inclusion in the future.

  3. Thank you for the mention; I'm honoured. I always knew my worrying obsession with ball gags would garner attention one day. Thankfully it seems to be attention of the right kind at the moment. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the mention, there needs to be more of those buildings made, it should be mandatory to have a zombie proof abode!

  5. great little, not little group of internet goings on...

  6. Hey this is sweet, thanks for the link, you just got a new fan over here. Love the round up!


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