Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pig Hunt (2008)

Pig Hunt

Written by Zack Anderson & Robert Mailer Anderson
Directed by James Isaac

John...Travis Aaron Wade
Brooks...Tina Huang
Ricky...Nick Tagas
Jake...Jason Foster

It was supposed to be a typical guy's weekend:  A culturally diverse group of San Francisco city slickers heading into the country for a little bit of pig huntin'.  The game plan changed quickly, though, when the 'whipped John invited along his sexually adventurous girlfriend Brooks.  Now it was four guys, a girl, a dog...and not a pizza place in sight.

Arriving in the heart of Backwoods, USA, they hear about a local legend known as the Ripper, a three-thousand pound wild boar with an appetite for destruction--"a real hogzilla!"  Stumbling upon a duo of semi-friendly, probably-inbred, but definitely dangerous local hunters, the two groups team up to find the Big Wallow and kill themselves a legend.

But legends don't die very easily.

It's a whole lot of walking and bickering in the woods, with possible menaces never fully crossing over into actual menaces.  For what seemed like days (but was actually only an hour), I rolled my eyes and checked my watch, wondering when something--anything--was going to happen.  Never once did I feel that the protagonists were in any sort of danger...other than the danger of never working again.

It wasn't until the last 30 minutes or so that things started to pick up, and by then it was too late for me to care.  Shoving a lot of twists, turns and supposed surprises into the final third of a film can't save it when the previous hour wasn't worth your time.  Why not sprinkle some action and excitement throughout the entire length of the movie, rather than trying to squeeze it all in at the same time?

With too many antagonists (none of them fully believable), poor scripting and pacing, and a strange soundtrack comprised of socially conscious hip hop and the monotonous monotone droning of Les "Was Primus Ever Really Cool?" Claypool, Pig Hunt is in the end a derivative and dull Deliverance variation that just doesn't deliver.

Strangely, I see this billed elsewhere as a horror-comedy.  But they forgot one thing that every good horror-comedy must have:  horror.

And comedy.

But least we've got hippies.  Everyone can laugh at them, am I right?

Rated R
99 Minutes
United States

"Death walks on all fours."


  1. Indeed, it was like three different bad direct-to-video scripts combined into one bad direct-to-video film. They needed to drop the extra shit (and damnit, I hate to ask for the dropping of naked female cultists) and stcik to the pig killing the hell out of people in the woods.

  2. Holy freakin weird batman! Great review! :]


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