Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hunt (2006)

The Hunt

Written by Fritz Kiersch, Jonathan de la Luz, & Danny Martin
Directed by Fritz Kiersch

Jack...Joe Michael Burke
Clint...Mitchell Burns
Atticus...Robert Rusler

Recovering alcoholic cameraman Atticus, his best friend Jack, and Jack's young stepson Clint all head into the woods to shoot a deer hunting video, one which depicts the true art of the stalk-and-snipe technique using a bow and arrow as opposed to to a rifle.  This is meant to set them apart from the other such videos  on the market, and is supposed to earn them a quick buck--no pun intended.

It gets off to a terribly slow start, as our three heroes (and I use that term very loosely) talk about the hunt, prepare for the hunt, eat breakfast before the hunt...pretty much do everything but actually go on the hunt.  When they finally do arrive at their destination--a sort of private hunting reserve that they have leased for the day--it would be easy to assume that this is where the action begins.

No such luck.

Continuing on in the same lazy pace, our intrepid hunters wander through the forest, bickering in sportsman-like whispers, catching only the slightest glimpse of a white tail--one which they manage to injure, but not even come close to killing.  Tracking the deer leads them off the beaten path, and they find themselves within what could very well be a private hunting reserve within a private hunting reserve...only this time they might be the hunted.

Sounds similar to about a dozen other flicks, doesn't it?  Which is a good thing, because that means if you're in the mood for a movie like this, you have a dozen other, undoubtedly better, titles to choose from.  The Hunt is interminably dull, and doesn't even pick up steam when all their lives are at stake.  We're never afraid that these three may be killed, because within forty-five minutes, we're actually hoping for it, just so that the closing credits would begin to roll.

Throughout the running time, the "action" is occasionally interspersed with footage of the search and rescue effort (lead by Clint's father), days after the trio went missing.  This does very little to increase the excitement, but at least it gives us a change in scenery.  The twist ending was somewhat expected, but not explored well enough.  Had this been introduced earlier in the plot, it actually might have saved it from the mind-numbing meandering mess that it became.  Or, at the very least, it would have made it a much more interesting mind-numbing meandering mess.

If you want to watch The Most Dangerous Game, then go watch The Most Dangerous Game.  But if you're suffering from a case of insomnia, or perhaps have a suspected terrorist that waterboarding just isn't working on, then by all means...give The Hunt a spin.

Rated R
90 Minutes
United States



  1. I'll give this a miss I think! Enjoyed your review though

  2. PS: Is that Jurgen Prochnow shot on your banner from IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS?

  3. Lord of Filth: Thanks for dropping by. Glad that my review could be entertaining, even if the film couldn't be.

    J2: Bummer-ino indeed. And yes, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS it is. Circle gets the square!



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