Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Body Melt (1993)

Body Melt

Written by Rod Bishop and Philip Brophy
Directed by Philip Brophy

A pharmaceutical company and a health resort are working together to create the next great weight loss drug, secretly performing their experiments on the citizens of a small neighborhood in Melborurne, Australia.  I think.  The plot is kind of a mess, so it was a little difficult to figure out what the hell was actually going on.  Suffice it to say that there are a number of unwanted side-effects that the experiment subjects are suffering from.  As one such fellow states at the beginning:

--The first phase is hallucinogenic.
--The second phase is metabolic.
--The third phase is...AAAARRRGGHHHHH!

The movie follows each of the test subjects for a brief period of time, until they succumb to a grisly fate from their ingestion of the drug.  It seems to take wild and random turns at the drop of a hat, such as when two teen test subjects get lost and find themselves at the mercy of a family of inbred outbackers, but even they prove to be in on the experiment, suggesting that this is a vast conspiracy of some sort.

I think these filmmakers watched too many early Peter Jackson films, wanting to one-up that unkempt fellow in terms of grossout effects.  The special effects are, for the most part, laughable...but that doesn't prevent there being a number of gag-inducing moments--including the gentle removal of a human rib, and a couple of scenes involving placental projectiles from a pregnant woman's vajayjay.

And just look at the beautiful ladies that make up the cast.

There is a particularly bizarre sex scene that takes place in a storage shed while a tee-shirt wearing cockatoo watches on from overhead, raining packing peanuts down upon the writhing bodies.  A true WTF moment.

Yes, there are only two words that can adequately describe this movie:  gross and laughable.  Everything from the fashions, the dated futuristic technology, and the dialog is capable of making you squirm in your seat on their own.  But when mixed together with the non-stop slime, goo, blood and muck, it's enough to keep you fascinated...no matter how bad the final product actually is.

Not Rated
81 Minutes

"Babies are the ultimate parasite."


  1. Ooooo. This is a fun movie. I approve.

  2. Body Melt is a supremely fucked up movie. So inept and yet impossible to stop watching.

  3. looks so horrible, I must see this :-)
    great review btw

  4. Goodkind & Aylmer: I completely agree. Lots of fun, and impossible to look away.

    Mr Gable & Maynard: Hope you enjoy it. Can't wait to see what you thought!



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