Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are You In The House Alone (1978)

Are You In The House Alone?

Written by Judith Parker
Directed by Walter Grauman
Based on the novel by Richard Peck

Gail Osborne...Kathleen Beller
Steve...Scott Colomby
Allison...Robin Mattson
Phil Lawver...Dennis Quaid
E.K. Miller...Randy Stumpf

Seventeen-year-old Gail Osborne has just entered into a new relationship, and her suitor could very well be "the one".  But almost immediately following their first date, she begins receiving threatening notes in her locker at school, as well as phone calls with a decidedly twisted flair.  It seems as if she has a stalker, someone who is both jealous and dangerous.  But who could it be?

Steve, her seemingly-normal new loverboy?  E.K., her self-righteous and sexually-frustrated ex-boyfriend?  Or maybe the rather creepy photography teacher who assigns her to take a sexy self-portrait while the rest of the class looks on? money is on the teacher.  But only because there's no butler to pin it on.

Gail babysits on weekends, and it is while she is on the job that the worst of the phone calls come through.  There are an abundance of POV shots from the eyes of the stalker.  The title alone, which was uttered by the unseen maniac just prior to his final assault, is reminiscent of many a horror flick and many an urban legend.

I say all this for one reason: to illustrate that although this may appear to be a horror movie, it is certainly not.  True enough, there are a few superficial similarities to the slasher film on display here, but there is absolutely no 'slashing' to be found.  These suspenseful elements that I have already mentioned are shown without even the slightest bit of suspense.  No matter what this movie promises to be, and no matter what you expect it to be, it is still just an after-school special about a rape victim who has to work to get some justice.

That said, even for what it is, it's not a very good movie.  It was slow moving and often quite dull.  If 1970s socially-conscious made-for-TV dramas are your bag, this may be of interest to you.  But if you're in search of horror, the only thing you're going to be horrified by is just how un-horror this movie actually is.

Not Rated
96 Minutes
United States

"Phil's got tramps and angels.  You're an angel, everyone else is a tramp!"

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