Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spatter Analysis #7: April 2011

The above cover image was once again graciously donated by Jeremy of iZombie fame, the hippest of the horror hipsters!

April is a strange month for horror fans.  It is exactly half a year away from October--the month in which our beloved genre gains some semblance of mainstream authenticity--and its major holiday is April Fool's Day, a day dedicated to mirth and Tom Foolery.  Not exactly the stuff of horror--1986's and 2008's films of that title notwithstanding.  As such, the blogosphere was overrun with a pair of different memes this past month--The 30 Day Horror Challenge and The Cinematic Alphabet--which proved both fun and interesting when enjoyed one at a time, but turned into overkill when all of your favorite blogs were doing the same thing.  So this month's issue of Spatter Analysis will be 100% free of Challenges, Alphabets, and Practical Jokes.  What it will have is the same quality content you have come to expect, from a range of very talented and diverse writers who have taken their love of the genre to the interwebs.  Who needs an overpriced magazine?  We've got the goods right here, and all it will cost you is the amount of time it takes you to make with the clickity-click.  So click on, hipsters!

As always, I'm just one man with only so much free time.  Meaning that there are way too many great blogs  out there for me to keep track of them all.  If you have a blog post, article, review, or frightening prom story that you are particularly proud of and would like to submit for inclusion in an upcoming issue of Spatter Analysis, just e-mail me the link, and I'll be glad to give it a look-see.  There is no restriction on content, only on timestamp--meaning that the post must have been made during the current month in order to be considered for the next month's issue.  May's issue is just around the corner...so direct all submissions to JonnyxMetro[at]hotmail[dot]com.

NOTE: None of the articles below are hosted on my blog, and the authors retain sole ownership. The links are provided here without explicit permission in many cases, because, as far as I know, linking with proper attribution does not go against proper blogger etiquette. Consider this the Midnite Media equivalent of an award, only rather than be awarded for your blog overall, it's for a specific post. You know what that means, don't you? More chances to win! But, if for whatever reason you would like the link to your post removed, just let me know and it will be dropped faster than an American Idol contestant with a sex tape scandal in her past.

Table of Contents

Who Let The Fog Out?  10 Reasons To Watch The Fog:  Andre from The Horror Digest gives us the low down on why each and every one of us should watch what she calls "One of the most atmospheric horror films of all time."

UN-True Romance - Was It All A Dream For Clarence Worley?:  Larry Taylor of the Movie Snob offers up a new way to view this classic Tarantino-scripted caper...even if he doesn't fully buy into it himself.

The Monkey Did It (Maybe):  W.B. Kelso of Micro-Brewed Reviews travels all the way back to 1932 to offer up his "Beer-Gut Reaction To Frank Strayer's The Monster Walks".

Five Horror Remakes That Don't Reek Of Failure:  Bleaux Leaux of the Bleaux Leaux Reveaux shows that quality horror remakes aren't mythological like the unicorn...but they are hard to find.  Like the jackalope.

Dracula Returns Again - In Book Form!:  Frederick from My Monster Memories revisits a pulp paperback from his youth.

Review:  The Dracula Papers, Book 1:  Over at Grim Reviews, The Grim Blogger's coverage of the new book by Reggie Oliver had me running straight to Amazon.  The website, not the rain forest.  That would just be foolish.

Begat Your Cunting Daughters:  Bookworm Will Errickson of Too Much Horror Fiction gets down and dirty with William Peter Blatty's controversial novel The Exorcist.

I Got The Goods (100 Things I Love About The Movies): The Mad Hatter from The Dark of the Matinée offers up a plethora of things that make him giddy about cinema.

Memorable Movie Robots Part One/ Part Two:  Francisco of The Film Connoisseur unleashes another double-dose of Memorable Movie Monsters, this time

Scarred For Life - How Walt Disney & Others Ruined My Very Existence:  Christine Hadden of Fascination With Fear goes back to her youth, and discovers that many decidedly non-genre flicks of her childhood were scarier than the horror films of her adulthood.

Blades Don't Need Reloading:  Rabbi of The Haunted Drive-In pontificates (rather darkly) why the knife is scarier than the gun, and why the former is a horror movie staple while the latter should remain holstered.

What Is A Horror Movie?:  Todd Miro of Into the Abyss defends his narrow view of the horror genre.  Which films fit into his definition and which films do not will likely stir up a bit of controversy among fans.


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  4. Thanks for the plug. I posted your comment over on my blog but it and several others were lost in Thursday's Blogger meltdown. And feel free to link to anything else for future issues if they pass muster.

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  6. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented...even those whose comments were lost during the Great Blogger Crash of 2011!



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