Friday, May 20, 2011

Doghouse (2009)


Written by Dan Schaffer
Directed by Jake West

Vince...Stephen Graham
Neil...Danny Dyer
Mikey...Noel Clark
Matt...Lee Ingleby

The battle of the sexes reaches epic, undead proportions in this British import as a group of friends, feeling tied down in their romantic relationships, head into the country for a a Men's (excuse me...bloke's) weekend. The small town of Moodley doesn't have much to offer except for an affordable gin joint, a free place to stay, and a populace where the women outnumber the men four-to-one.  Sounds like a recipe for some indescribable sexual hijinx to me.

Upon arrival, though, the men learn that there's something rotten in this podunk village.  An unknown airborne virus that only affects the fairer sex has turned all of the lovely ladies of Moodley into literal man-eaters, and six fit and attractive big city bastards are just what the doctor ordered.

It's a dark horror comedy--think Shawn of the Dead meets The Hangover--with a few glimmers of sexual politics. Thankfully, the filmmakers don't use this movie as a soapbox, and so while we may be given a few comments, we're never given full-on commentary.  There are moments that could be viewed as misogynistic, but they are (slightly) tempered with moments that are anti-misogynistic, so nobody should get too upset about it.  Besides, it's just a movie, for Pete's sake.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  Or turn the thing off.

It was a fun little romp, with good gore, creative kills and enjoyable humor, even if it was never laugh out loud funny.  The zombies (maybe they're not technically zombies, but whatever) are pretty cool looking, and occasionally sexy in a sick and twisted sort of way.  There was plenty of excitement and a cool soundtrack to go along with it.

Unfortunately, there were so many main characters that we never spent enough time with any one of them to really get to know them.  Most of them are just archetypes--the womanizer, the movie nerd, the lovable loser, the token gay friend, etc.--who never transcend their stereotypes.  Which is a shame, because a few of them really had some promise.

Worth a watch if you're looking for a little light-hearted gore (how great is it that we live in a word where such a term could even be applied?), but if you're hankering for a straight-up zombie film, you better look elsewhere.

89 Minutes
United Kingdom

"Now is not the time to stop objectifying women!"


  1. I originally had this pegged as more of a highly-skippable SHAUN OF THE DEAD ripoff, but I actually snagged it cheap at Walmart on a whim and actually really enjoyed it.

  2. ...oh, and I'm back, brotha. Your "Whatever Happened to J. Astro?" banner touched me in ways that not even the ol "late nite sneaky uncle" would have ever dared.


  3. Brother J! Glad to see you have returned to the shadowy corners of the interwebs. I figured that you would appreciate the banner (the Midnite Media equivalent of a missing poster), if you were ever to make your way back to the fold.

    Welcome back, J2!

  4. You betcha, brotha. Lovin' your current SLH banner, btw.

  5. Looks like a fun movie. Will have to check it out!


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