Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone's Knocking at the Door (2009)

Someone's Knocking at the Door

Written & Directed by Chad Ferrin
Joe...Ricardo Gray
Meg...Andrea Rueda
Justin...Noah Segin
Sebastian...Jon Budinoff
John Hopper...Ezra Buzzington

When one of their (male) friends is found raped and murdered, five med school students find their worlds turned upside down.  The murder weapon?  According to the autopsy, a colon-perforating phallus approximately four inches in diameter and 15 inches in length.  A truly deadly dong, this is proof that bigger is not always better.

Revealed through flashbacks and psychotropic hallucinations, we learn of their ingestion of an experimental dug called Taldon, which had been used decades ago on campus in a series of tests and trials.  The original participants were John and Wilma Hopper, a pair of deranged sex maniacs whose infamous tagline "I'm gonna fuck you...fuck you till you die!" echoes throughout the entire film.  A lot of side-effects of the drug are listed, but one that they apparently forgot to report was the chance that this could pull the evil Hoppers into their lives, picking (fucking?) off their ranks one-by-one.

This project supposedly began as a standard slasher flick, but eventually morphed into the bloody, mindfuck that it became.  There is a decidedly surreal and hallucinatory slant on display here, like if David Lynch had remade Flatliners for Lloyd Kaufman, which keeps it visually interesting at least, even if the plotline shakes and wavers fairly often.  It occasionally loses focus, sometimes doesn't make much sense at all, and is vague regarding what is and is not real.  But that's par for the course on these types of films.

Someone's Knocking at the Door is part murder mystery, part body horror, part obscene (not erotic) thriller, and part drugsploitation film.  All of these parts comprise one very bizarre whole, the likes of which you have never experienced before.  That isn't to say that you're going to enjoy this--because there's a pretty decent chance that you won't--but if you've become jaded and think that you have seen everything before, well...there's bound to be a thing or three here that will surprise you.

Don't believe me?  Click HERE for a sample.  It may take you a moment to figure out what you're looking at...but you'll get it soon enough.  (WARNING:  NSFW)

In the end, I did enjoy this film for its graphic and extreme sensibilities.  Despite the flaws outlined above, it was a pretty fearless venture, and I have to respect it for that.  Worth a watch with a group of drunken and depraved buddies.  But stay off the shrooms unless you really want to blow your gourd.

80 Minutes
Not Rated
United States



  1. "if David Lynch had remade Flatliners for Lloyd Kaufman"...That's a damn good description of this movie...nice job!

  2. Thanks, B! I'm glad someone appreciates bizarre comparisons as much as I do.



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