Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Satan's Little Helper (2004)

Satan's Little Helper

Written & Directed by Jeff Lieberman
Dougie...Alexander Brickel
Jenna...Katheryn Winnick
Alex...Stephen Graham
Merrill...Amanda Plummer


Dougie loves video games, he loves Halloween, and he loves candy.  He's just your typical kid...except for the fact that he wants to marry his older sister Jenna, and his biggest dream is meeting his mischievous dark master Satan.

Yep, he is a real Satan fan, this one.

Jenna returns home from College, exclusively to take young Dougie trick-or-treating, a family tradition that they both want to keep going.  But Dougie is none-too-excited about the fact that she brought along her new boyfriend Alex.  I wouldn't be either.  He's kind of a douche bag.

Dougie throws a tantrum and runs off into the neighborhood, only to find a man dressed as a devil crafting some pretty creepy set-pieces in his front yard--using real corpses!  Convinced that this is Satan himself, Dougie volunteers to be his helper for the duration of the night and the two parade about town, leaving a trail of bloody bodies in their wake.

Initially I was turned off by the poster image, thinking to myself, Man, that shit looks fake.  Don't make the same mistake.  It's supposed to look fake.  That isn't really supposed to be Satan's face on the cover, it's a Halloween mask.  Who's behind the mask, it's hard to say.  There are a few red herrings here and there, and multiple cases of mistaken identity.  For all we know, it really could be Satan.  Wearing a cheesy looking Satan mask.  Why not?

I enjoyed this film much more than I was anticipating.  There were moments of dark humor scattered throughout the bloodshed, and a couple of twists (or, more accurately, switches) that kept you guessing.  And besides, Jenna may first appear dressed like a longshoreman, but she quickly changes into a sexy Renaissance wench outfit which she remains in for the duration.  The trick-or-treaters can have their Zagnuts and their Oh Henry's!  I'll take the eye candy, thank you very much.

The acting sometimes wavered a bit, and a little more editing could have made it a much tighter production, but overall a fine little flick.  It would make a great Halloween night double-feature with Trick 'R Treat.

Rated R
100 Minutes
United States

Satan's a panty sniffer!


  1. I loved "Trick R Treat" but I hated this one. The acting was weak, the script was weaker. And Dougie... my God, I've never wanted a kid in a movie to be gutted more than him.

    I will grant that Katheryn Winnick almost makes the pain worth it, however.

  2. Always saw this DVD at Hollywood Video (R.I.P.), never rented it though. Guess I'll have to now since it sounds pretty decent.

  3. I want to see this movie so bad! It looks so good and even though it came out in 2004 it kinda has that 80's slasher flick style to it.


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