Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evil Bong 3D: Who's Gonna Get Stoned!?

The kind folks over at Full Moon Entertainment sent me a Press Only Preview of their upcoming Evil Bong 3D:  The Wrath of Bong!  The disc contained the first 22 minutes of the movie, a Roadshow Promo, TV Spot, and the Full Moon Promo Reel 2011.

I'll be honest:  I haven't seen the first two Evil Bong releases, so can't comment on them.  All I can comment is on the first 22 minutes of this feature.

A meteorite crash-lands on earth and is discovered by an irritable bald fellow who just killed his wife.  He fishes from its bowels a very strange looking bong, which he promptly sells to a local head shop.  Having touched the meteorite, he's also slowly being covered with green fuzz, much like Jordy Verrill in Creepshow.  The preview ends as one of the headshop owners takes a hit from the bong, shares a brief conversation with it, and then is transported to "somewhere else" for a threesome with a couple of green ladies.

Say what!?

Full of weed "culture" jokes and white-boy ragga-rap, this series obviously has a built in audience...and you all know who you are.  Unfortunately, that audience is not me.  I outgrew that "demon weed" a decade ago, and it's a rare occurrence that pot humor doesn't lose my interest after five minutes or so.

That being said, this looks like goofy harmless fun, and even the worst of Full Moon films are generally enjoyable on some level.  It may be a far cry from classic Full Moon fare, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Charles Band is definitely due for a comeback and I'm impressed that he's managed to get this film booked in select theaters.  The theatrical version will be in 3D and in Sniff-o-Rama.  Not only that, but these shows seem like they're going to be quite a spectacle, with celebrity guests, autographing signings, and other surprises.  Lord knows I'd be attending, but somehow Nowheresville, KS was left off of the schedule. 

Must have been an oversight.

Vist the official website, stoners!



  1. Bought tickets right away for this. It's a 4 hour drive but I think it'll be worth it. The first Evil Bong was more of a commercial for Full Moon than anything else. The second one was actually pretty fun. Looking forward to this one. I've been following this way back when they had NO CLUE what they were going to do and asked fans to make up a story. And now its in theatres :D

  2. Oh good hell, what is wrong with the world!?

  3. Amazing how Band manages to milk these ideas for not just one movie, but for entire series. Wonder what year it was he and Satan signed the deal...

    - Aaron

  4. Mr Gable: Four hour drive? Pshaw...totally worth it. I would actually be more excited for the whole roadshow atmosphere than for the movie itself. I hope you let us know what you thought!

    JennyB: Plenty.

    Aaron: Is that really anything different than what Hollywood does? ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by, all!

  5. I am pretty pumped for the mini-roadshow. And the opportunity to pick up a few items only available at the show. (Like gingerdeadman 1-3) Sid Haig is gonna be there so I can't wait. And I'll finally get to see Charles Band live and in the flesh. I've been a full moon junkie for years and its just now that he's come within reach of me (that I am aware of anyway) so I can partake in the Full Moon Fun. I'm really happy with the new Full Moon lately. I thought they were dead but Band brought it back...and if they keep this up I think they can really make it awesome again. Just the fact that this is in theatres brings hope for bigger budgets and better quality movies.

    And I heard in an interview he did recently that this year will see another puppet master, another trancers (thomerson is back!), and a movie with an all dwarf cast called unlucky charms. I can't wait.


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